Get your Vasati Degree Online

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Our Online Vasati Degree Program is based on the research and experience of Marcus Schmieke who trained already more than 300 Vasati consultants all over the world. Marcus Schmieke will personally tutor the students during their studies. The students can always ask him their Vasati related questions through email or phone. If the students questions are of general interest they can be posted to the Vasati forum on the e-learning platform. A co-tutor will be available for each student.  Alternatively the courses can be conducted via normal mail also.

Enter the e-learning platform for a demo course on Vasati

The Vasati e-learning platform contains all the functions which the students need to successfully conduct their Vasati studies. It offers the following features:

- complete course material online

- all required textbooks as pdf files for download in the resources section

- interactive test feature for all lessons

- email communication system with the tutors and students

- students forums and chats for exchange of questions and answers

- interactive  HowTo Course on using the e-learning platform

- export content function for all lessons for studying offline

- resume function for easy continuation of your studies

- vedic astrology software for download to conduct Vasati-Jyotish calculations

-  search function for complete course content


All Vasati courses can be studied as correspondence courses via mail or as online courses via Internet
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