Planning, Design and Sacred Geometry in Vasati

The scientific basis of Vasati

Format: Self-paced, facilitated, online or corrsepondence course

Fee: 6999$ (including AA, BA and MA levels)

Facilitated by: Marcus Schmieke

Detailed Description

This course is designed to refine the students ability to plan a building according to the principles of Vasati and Vasati sacred geometry. Additionally it will show how Vasati can be derived from modern science. This Doctorate course combines the ancient sacred geometry of the south Indian Sthapatis with the most recent discoveries of modern physics.

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To summarize, this course presents the original scientific, mathematical and geometrical foundations of Vasati, and it substantiates that this knowledge, although not being handed down explicitly, was an essential aspect of Vedic science.

The following topics will be addressed:

       The metaphysical basis of the Vedic cosmogony corresponds to the principles of modern science.

       The basics of Global Scaling, the science of gravitational wave resonances.

       The Bhumandala model of the Vedic universe is structured in a logarithmic hyperbolic fractal way; thus it follows the basic structures of Global Scaling.

       The Vasatipurusha Mandala is an abstraction of the Bhumandala model.

       There are two kinds of Vasatipurusha Mandala, the metaphysical and the physical.

       The structure of the physical Vasatipurusha Mandala corresponds to that of the matter compression wave of Global Scaling.

       The structure of the metaphysical Vasatipurusha Mandala corresponds to that of the vacuum compression wave of Global Scaling.

       On the basis of the physical Vasatipurusha Mandala, the South-Indian Sthapatis were planning in accordance with the cosmic gravitation wave.

       The measure system of Vasati agrees with the resonances of the cosmic gravitation wave.

       The modular planning system is in resonance with the cosmic gravitation wave, geometrically and numerically.

       The resonances of the cosmic gravitation wave determine the structure of towns and landscapes.This knowledge can be used to evaluate the quality of a certain site.

Parallel to his studies the student will choose a specialized topic related to Vasati with his tutor and write a dissertation on it. This doctorate dissertation shall contribute to the current discovery of the ancient science of Vasati by the academic western world. It should be of a publishable quality.


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