Many of those who have completed a degree in Vasati by our courses are applying Vasati in their professional life successfully. Some of our students are practicing Vasati as consultants, others became teachers themselves or are implementing Vasati skills in other consulting businesses. Especially medical practitioners, Yoga teachers, Ayurveda therapists, civil engineers, architects etc. find it easy to apply Vasati in their job.

After qualifying as a Vasati consultant with Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degree program you may apply your Vasati skills in one of this ways:

- working as a Vasati consultant

- planing houses according to Vasati

- cooperating with architects and building companies for planing houses

- reselling Vasati products as seen on allong with consultations

- teaching Vasati at Ayuveda center, Yoga centers, alternative health centers etc.


Here are some of those who graduated in Vasati in recent years:

Edit Lakatos



Edit finished her Specialist Coruse in Vasati in June 2002. She lives in Budapest (Hungary) as a full time professional Vasati consultant. As an architect she is planing houses according to Vasati und correcting existing houses acording to the principles of Vasati. She established a training program for Vasati consultants in Hungary and translated and published some of Marcus` books on Vasati and vedic astrology in Hungary. 

Edits website:

Marc Luellmanmn



Marc studied Vasati the Specialist Course in Vasati between 2001 and 2003. He is presently working a good part of his time as a Vasati consultant in Zuerich (Switserland). His wife studied our course on Vedic Astrology and helps Marc with the astrological calculations for his consultations. He is cooperating with another friend who is practicing as an ayurvedic therapist. Togehter they are running a center for applied vedic sciences in Zuerich.

Marcs web-site: