Vasati Consultation Specialist Course

Format: Self-paced, facilitated, online or corrsepondence course

Fee: 4800$ (including AA and BA levels)

Facilitated by: Marcus Schmieke

Detailed Description


 Introduction: Vasati

  • Vasati

  • The Vasati Mind Map

 Lesson 1: The energetic level 

  • Va 1: The First Law on the Energetic Level

  • The 12 Basic Principles of Energy Flow – An Improvement

  • The Interpretation of the Energy Flow

  • Va 2: The Second Law on the Energetic Level

  • Va 3: Strong and Weak Areas

  • Va 4: Energy Potential and its Manifestation

  • 5 Exercises

Lesson 2 :  The geometric level 

  • The Elaboration of the Ground Plan on the Geometric Level

  • Ti 1:  Proportions in Vasati

  • The Correction of Dissonant Proportions

  • Determining the Vasatipurusha Mandalas

  • The Chakras of the Room

  • Chakra-Color-Therapy

  • The Position of the Main Entrance in Vasati

  • 9 Exercises

 Lesson 3 : The karmic level           

  • The Foundation of Vedic Astrology

  • The Apartment as a Second Horoscope

  • The Foundation of Vedic Astrology – An Introduction

  • Introductory Course in 9 Lessons

  • 9 Assignments

 Lesson 4: Karmic Means of Correction 

  • The five Vedic „Magic Means“

  • Strenghtening Functionally Positive Planets

  • Transforming Functionally Negative Planets

  • Colors, Gems, Kavacas, Actively Lived Compassion, Mantras

  • 1 Exercise       

 Lesson 5: The Connection between Vasati and Jyotish 

  • Determining the Personal Interactions among the Inhabitants

  • Muhurta: Identifying a Suitable Time

  • The Karmic Connection between the House and its Inhabitants

  • Determining Suitable Means for Correction in Vasati

  • Vasati and Astrology – Consultations go Hand in Hand

  • 8 Exercises

Lesson 6:  The Nine Levels of Vasati Correction 

  • Renovations and other Structural Alterations

  • Changes in Attitude and Behavior

  • Exchange or Modification of Rooms and their Function

  • The Correction of Fittings and Furnishings of a Room or Building

  • Using the Five Elements Purposefully

  • Correction by Means of Colors

  • Mirrors, Plants, Pictures and other Means for Correction

  • Fine-Structured Tools and Spiritual Tools for Correction

  • Virtual Rectification of your Living Space

  • 1 Exercise

 Lesson 7 : Correction by means of Yantras 

  • Mandalas and Yantras

  • The 10 Spiritual Planet Yantras and their Use in Vasati

  • The Use of the Vasati Yantras in Practice

  • Cleansing Ceremonies along with Yantras

  • Kinesiological Test for  the Examination of a Yantra Placement

  • Vasati Dosha Nivarana Puja (with Additional Video)

  • Just in Case – the Mantra for Protection (Shir Nrisimha Kavaca)

  • 1 Exercise

 Lesson 8: Relationships and Love in Vasati 

  • The Four Aims in Life

  • Spiritual Relationships

  • The Eight Fields of Living of the Kamasutra

  • The Energies from North and East

  • Masculine and Feminine Axes in a House

  • The Center of a House

  • The Main Entrance of a House

  • Sun and Moon Windows

  • The Five Elements in Relationship and Love

  • 1 Exercise

Lesson 9: Earth and Space energies in Vasati

  • Subterranean watercourses

  • Rock fragments

  • Rock faults and rifts

  • Earth´s rays

  • Electric Interference Fields

  • Recommendations for a Sound and Healthy Sleep

  • Protective Shielding against Earth Rays

  • The Aura

  • Vasati and the Earth´s Hartmann Grid in the Layout Planning

  • Considering the Geopathogenic Radiation in a Vasati Consultation

  • Using the “Arm Length Test”  for the Examination of your Sleeping Room

  • 2 Exercises

Lesson 10: An Overall Pattern for a Vasati Consultation 

  • The Vasati Consultation and the 12 Laws of Nature – An Outline

  • The Consultation – An Example

  • The Consultaion –  Excel-File                               

  • 1  Exercise


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