Vasati Basic Course

Format: Self-paced, facilitated, online or corrsepondence course

Fee: 1600$

Facilitated by: Marcus Schmieke

Detailed Description

The course is based on the three books of Marcus Schmieke on Vasati, namely “The Yoga of Living”, “House and Cosmos”, and, “Vasati – 108 Steps for Improving Your Housing”. These three books are part of the course material. You have acces to six lessons with practical applications and exercises which impart the following subjects:

Lesson 1 The qualities of the eight directions
The assignation of the elements to the directions and the space of house
The impart of the sun on the quality of space
Time, space and architecture
The Vasati Purusha Mandala as the matrix of construction
Lesson 2 Planetary influences on the house
Sun and moon windows
The building site
Valuation of roads and accesses
The house environment
The division of the plot
The main entrance
Lesson 3 The interior of the house and its rooms
The assignation of the elements to the Practical applications
Lesson 4 The dynamic of energies on house and plot
The influence of the directions on the individual (astrological synchronisation)
Defects in the directions of the house and their correction according to Vasati
Lesson 5 Yantras for correcting Vasati defects
Classification of houses according to their orientation
Lesson 6 The 108 steps program of Vasati for improving the housing
Classification of Vasati defects
Coherence of defects and effects
Vasati consulting in practice


Each lesson contains a set of written assignments. They will be individually corrected and sent back by your personal tutor. He is also at your disposal for all questions relating to the course. Thus, your individual care is guaranteed.

After the six lessons you will be asked to deliver a project draft on a practical application of Vasati in your environment, like house analysis or design.

Finally, a written examination will offer you the possibility to acquire a diploma proving you as “Vasati Praveshika” (having entered the knowledge of Vasati). This diploma also qualifies you for being trained as a Vasati consultant by the twelve-months “Vasati Specialist Course”.