Vasati Specialist Course

Format: Self-paced, facilitated, online or corrsepondence course

Fee: 3200$ (including AA level)

Facilitated by: Marcus Schmieke

Detailed Description

The course is based on the book The Power of Living Space written by Marcus Schmieke. On the basis of this you have acces to six lessons with practical applications and exercises which impart the following subjects:

Lesson 1

  • The Quality of the Directions

  • The Vasatipurusha Mandala

  • Geometric Elements of the Mandalas

  • The Mandalas – 32 Categories

  • The 45 Gods of the Vasatipurusha Mandalas

  • The Concept of Vithi

  • Marmas and Mahamarmas

  • Vedic Houses – Planning and Layout

  • About Ekashals and Chatusshalas


Lesson 2

  • Vasati - The Metaphysics of Space and Time

  • The Tala-System for Spatial Measurement

  • Rhythm in Architecture

  • Architecture and Music

  • The Puranas – Its System of Measurement

  • Vasati – Its System of Measurement

  • The Yoni-Principle

  • Ayadi-Calculation

  • The Astrological Qualities of Measures

  • Qualities of Space in Vasati –  The 12 Formulae

  • Doors and Windows in Vasati

  • The Main Entrance to a Plot or Building

  • The Main Entrance of the House

  • Doors and Windows inside the Rooms

  • Direction and Motion of Energies inside a House

  • Direction for the Opening of Doors

  • Proportions of Doors

  • Proportions of Beds


Lesson 3

  • The Location and Shape of a Plot and Buildings

  • Obstacles in the Outer Area of a House and Building Site

  • The Roads and the Location of a Plot

  • Vithishulas and Dvara-Vedha

  • Favorable Locations for Businesses

  • Irregular Shapes of Plots

  • Neighbouring Buildings, Garages and Summer Houses

  • Duplex Houses, Row Houses and Multistory Tenement Houses

  • The Selection of a Plot

  • The Quality of Soil in Vasati

  • Buildings on Hills

  • Plants and Trees in Vasati

  • Houses, with Different Orientations

  • Special Sources of Error and Qualities of the Individual Directions

  • Houses and Different Road Settings


Lesson 4

  • The Power of Money and its Dynamics

  • Money and its Spiritual Dimension

  • Spatial Qualities and the Power of Money

  • The Furnishing of an Office According to Vasati

  • The Designing of Business Premises

  • The Furnishing of Business Premises

  • Health Service and Vasati

  • The Furnishing of a Hotel

  • Industry and the Application of Vasati

  • The Location of Production Plants within a City

  • The Spatial Organisation of Production Processes

  • Airports, Backeries, Computer Industry

  • The Planning of a Business Building


Lesson 5

  • Vasati and Astrology

  • Primary Astrological Systems – Their Meaning and Influence in Vasati

  • The Planets

  • Houses of the Moon (Nakshatras)

  • The Tithis  (Phases of the Moon)

  • The Signs of the Zodiac

  • The Houses in a Horoscope

  • The Houses and the Directions

  • The Planets in the Houses

  • The Qualities of the Directions and their Dependance on the Ascendant of the Inhabitant

  • Determining the Accurate Time

  • The Position of the Planets in the Birth Horoscope of the House-Owner

  • Rituals and Significant Ceremonies in Vasati


Lesson 6 

  • Rituals in Vasati

  • Design in Vasati

  • Fundamental Principles of City Planning According to Vasati

  • Omens and Portents in Vasati

  • Building a New House

  • The Selection of a Building Plot

  • The Planning of a Building

  • Vasati Consulation – An Example

  • Zones of Peace and Zones of Motion

  • Vasati – The Logic of the Designing Process

  • Elements of Design

  • The Rhythm of Buildings

  • Designing a Traditional Vedic House

  • Vasati and Health

  • The Yantra-Mirror for Correction

  • The Meaning of the Axes and Diagonals for your Health

  • Ayurveda and Vasati

  • Different Styles and Constitutions of Houses

  • Herbs and Spices in Vasati

Each lesson contains a set of written assignments. They will be individually corrected and sent back by your personal tutor. He is also at your disposal for all questions relating to the course. Thus, your individual care is guaranteed.

After the six lessons you will be asked to deliver a project draft on a practical application of Vasati in your environment, like house analysis or design.

Finally, a written examination will offer you the possibility to acquire a Bachelor Degree of Vasati. This diploma also qualifies you to study for the Master Degree in Vasati.

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