Vasati - the 12 Laws of Natural Building and Living (by Marcus Schmieke)

Vasati is a system of 12 natural laws which dtermine the quality of living space. It consists of three levels, each containing four natural laws:

1. va: energetic level

2. sa: karmic level

3. ti: geometric level

Va: 4 laws on the energetic level

1. Global flow of geophysical energies
In the whole planet two global energy streams are flowing. The dynamic solar stream is flowing from the east towards the west and the organic moon stream is flowing from the north towards the south.

2. Areas of energetic potential
A third stream of live energey originates from the Sun itself and interferes with the geophysical energystreams. It creates a field of energetic potentials with the following distribution of the potential:

  NE +2   SW -2
  E +1   W -1
  SE +/—   NW —/+
  S -1   N +1

Every surface is divided in one half with positive energy potential and one half with negative potential. The northeastern half has positive, the southwestern half negative potential.

3. Manifestation of the energetic potential

a) water increases the energetic potential of the sector of its placement
b) weights decrease the energetic potential of the sector of their placement
c) space increases the energetic potential wherever it expands (vertically and horizontally

4. Energy grids of the earth and of space
Each space created by humans or nature which posesses clear borders developes its own system of energetic meridinas and energetic keepoints which has to be adjusted to the energetic grid of the earth. It should be placed symmetrically in relation to this grid and shouldnt contain disturbed energies in its center.

Sa: The 4 Laws on the Karmic Level

5. The radiance quality of the eight directions

Each of the eight directions is ruled by one of the nine planets.

6. Influence of the planetary aspects on the living space and on the life of the inhabitants

The various aspects of living space and of space functions as well as the various areas of life of its inhabitants are being influenced by the radiance qualities of the nine planets.

7. The interaction of the planetary aspects

This law describes the interrelationship of the nine planets. The planets are inclined to one another either in a friendly, neutral, or hostile way.

8. Determination of the individual directional qualities

Corresponding to their individual resonance on radiance, the eight directions have a different effect on every human.

Ti: The 4 Geometrical Laws

9. The effect of proportions

Whole number proportions create a harmonic energy field.

10. The effect of measures

The units of the natural Vasati measurement system follow a cyclic energetic rhythm that is defined by the number eight.

11. Energy lines and energy spots in space

Space possesses an energy grid with energetic key points that is defined by its perimeters.

12. Energy quality of grid fields

Space is divided into 81 fields of different energy quality that are arranged in five concentric rings.



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