Basic Energetic Rules (by Marcus Schmieke)

A dip or hollow increases the energy potential of a certain sector.
Weights reduce the energy potential of a sector.
A source of water in a sector of positive energy increases its energy potential, while if water is placed in a sector of negative energy, the potential of this sector is reduced.
The more a certain sector is covered by a roof, the more its potential is reduced.

In places where energies from a negative area flow into a positive one, there will be interactions, by which bioenergy (prana) will be set free. Therefore the northwest and the southeast are energetically very lively areas apt for activities which require a lot of energy. The energy of the southeast will be transferred into heat and best suited for energising food, while the energy of the northwest will be transferred into kinetic energy and supports all kinds of movement, communication and growth.

The ideal situation in Vasati is if the centre of gravity of the built area is as far in the southwest as possible. In this way, a large proportion of the area with negative energy is covered and weight down so that the energy is reduced. At the same time the northeast is deeper than the southwest so that the positive energies in the northeast are increased. Thus, a strong flow of positive energies goes from the northeast to the southwest, where it does not meet with a strong field for compensation in the area of negative energies. In such a case, the positive energies fill the whole plot. The energy field that develops fosters joy, harmony, the protection and wealth of the inhabitants of such a plot. From these general observations we may draw important conclusions for a design of the plot arranged according to the rules of nature.




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