Vasati - the Modern Form of Vasati (by Marcus Schmieke)

Vasati is an integral architectural concept. Since millennia, houses, temples, and even whole cities are built by this concept in India. Its basis are the natural laws of spatial energy, and this knowledge is used to bring the living space in resonance with nature and its inhabitants.The house is like manīs second body. It is a lens focussing the natural environmental influences. The living spaceīs quality influences the health of man as well as his mental and emotional status.

The old Indian geomancy Vasati has been shaped into a scientific system after millennia of experience and observation, and with it you can find out the effects of environmental influences on man.

By this are meant especially those influential factors you do not think of at first that they could in any way influence your health, for example Earthīs magnetic field, the subtle energies from Earth and Sun, the paths of Sun and Moon as well as gravitation. All those influences define, taken together, the quality of the room you are living in. You can view the room as a bio-field which interacts with the bio-energetic field of the human body.

These interactions underlie laws of nature which are taken in respect when building a house in Vasati style. The Indian scientist A. R. Hari did an investigation on this and found out that most chronic diseases are a reflection of the living situation. If the natural laws of spatial energy are violated, the manifestation of chronic diseases seems to be furthered, while a strong bioenergetic living field strengthens the power of resistance of its inhabitants.

If the science of Vasati is applied to the climatic and cultural living conditions of contemporary Europe, it is called Vasati, the modern form of Vasati.



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