Energetic Viewpoints in General (by Marcus Schmieke)

A field of subtle energies is formed by the borders — walls, fences or simply legal borders — of a plot, is called vasati in Sanskrit. In Vasati, we assume that the square is the ideal form in which an energy field can form in harmony. The energy field formed on such a square plot is divided by the diagonal from the southeast to the northwest into two areas. The upper area (the north and the east) has positive energy, whereas the lower part (the south and the west) is considered as negative. This is a very gross division which can be refined endlessly.

The southeastern and northwestern corner serve as a sort of interface between the positive and negative energies. In these corners the dynamic elements fire (southeast) and air (northwest) reside.

In the late seventies, the German scientist Hartmann discovered that the whole earth is covered by a net of subtle energy lines. Within this net, the energy flows from the east towards the west and from the north towards the south, so that the northeast can be regarded as the point of the vasati square in which the energy enters into the space, while it leaves in the southwest. The northeast works like an antenna which perceives the energies of the environment. This capacity is re-enforced, if a water container is placed in the northeast.




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