Vasati and Ayurveda (by Marcus Schmieke)

Ayurveda is the traditional Indian naturopathy. Many basic terms of Ayurveda are also used in Vasati because both systems have the same fundamental understanding of the workings of material nature, of the five elements and of the flow of subtle energies.
Ayurveda distinguishes between three bodily conditions that are also called constitution types:

Kapha (consisting of earth and water) with the qualities stabilisation, building up and cohesion.

Pitta (consisting of fire and water) with the qualities transformation, change, digestion, combustion, creates heat.

Vata (consisting of ether and air) with the quality coordination of all motion.

These states of organic matter called doshas occur not only in the human body but in all areas of living nature.
A man’s constitution is determined by a specific mixing ratio of the doshas where mostly one of the three doshas is in the foreground. From the dosha ratio or their imbalance you can read what diseases or other physical or psychic characterizations a human tends to. The three doshas can be assigned to the eight directions corresponding to their composition out of the five elements:

NW: Vata N: Vata/Kapha NE: Sama Prakriti
W:Vata/Kapha   E:Pitta/Vata
SW: Kapha S:Pitta/Kapha SE: Pitta

Table: Doshas and Directions

You can read from that diagram which condition is supported by which direction. One whose constitution is mainly ruled by Pitta (fire) should avoid the southeast and also the northwest as his sleeping place since Pitta could be further increased there so that the imbalance will be greater. He should choose his main places of residence on the northeast/southwest axis that are linked with the Kapha element that is leveling him out and with the well-balanced condition of all doshas (Sama Prakriti).

The same is valid for the Vata type, but he should above all avoid the northwest in order to not unnecessarily increase the air element and thus Vata in his body. Also for him, Kapha in southwest and northeast is the right remedy.
Exactly the opposite is valid for the Kapha type who has difficulties with the northeast/southwest axis because his tendency to be lethargic is supported by it. He should choose his places of residence and act on the dynamic northwest/southeast axis that is marked by movement and fire.

In this way it would be possible to design a type of house for every man that corresponds to his constitution.


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