The Anatomy of the Vasatipurusha (by Marcus Schmieke)

The southeast is connected to the liver of the Vasatipurusha, which is in that direction. It is best used as the place for the kitchen, while the northwest is connected to the stomach. Therefore it is good to have a pantry in the northwest, but a guest room or an office are also good choices.

The chakras of the Vasatipurusha form very sensitive energetic points. It is good to feel these points on one’s plot or in the house, to perceive their energy and to design and use them accordingly. Can their energy develop in the house or are there any blockages in some of these points? Such blockages may be caused by making wrong use of the rooms connected with these chakras, by a misbalance in the weight of the house or when the inhabitants of the house are not in harmony with the energies present. Many of the connections can only be indicated here and require a detailed individual treatment.




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