Module I - Rejuvenative Sadhanas - 66 Hours
Pancha Karma Theory and Overview
Abhyanga Therapies
Marma Points
Abhyanga Formulas
Self-Massage of the Feet (Padabhyanga)
Preliminary Fomentation Treatment

Module II - Snehana - 65 Hours
Snehana Therapy
Snehana Therapy
Head Therapies
The Lost Art of Cleansing of the Senses
Nasya Therapy

Module III - Svedana
Fomentation Therapy - 60 Hours

Svedana Therapy Application
Steam Therapies *
Sauna Therapies *

Module IV - Clean "in Therapies - 60 Hours

Module V - Healing & Diet - 50 Hours
Food & Memory
Appropriate Diet
According to Dharma
Pancha Karma Healing
Diet * Pitta & Vata Sattvic Diet
HIV/ AIDS care
Kapha Energizing Diet

Module VI - Advanced - 80 Hours
Ayurvedic Pharmacology
Energetics of Ayurvedic
Kitchen Equipment
Pancha Karma Equipment,
Accessories, and Utensils
Recipes and Formula Procedures
Ayurvedic Resources and Suppliers
Sanskrit Terms

Module VII - Internship - 200 Hours
Consists of hands-on experience on the entire course; Consultation, Therapies, Blending,
Recipes, Diet, Proper equipment, Contraindications.

60 Credits
400 Hours of Study


- Prerequisite -
B.A. in Ayurveda or
Ayurveda & Aromatherapy or approval of other course work

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