In this course, we explore how the mind affects the body and the Ayurvedic approach to mind-body medicine.


English composition in Ayurvedic philosophy
  6 Hours
History of medicine and religion; medicines of different cultures   6 Hours
Mind, Consciousness, & Ayurvedic Healing   20 Hours
Intuition Training - covers chakras, telepathy, hypnotherapy, and various forms of intuition   20 Hours
Tantra, the Seventh Yoga - Philosophy, symbols, rituals, various forms of yoga, and the ten mahavydi's   50 Hours
Meditation as a Healing Practice - Different forms of meditation Practices and visualization techniques   30 Hours
Basic Sanskrit - commonly used sanskrit words and meanings   50 Hours
Pranayama Breathing Exercises & Their Benefits   15 Hours
Mantras & Yantras - Philosophy, When and How to Use Mantras
for psychological disorders, and approaches to general healing
  30 Hours
Jyotish (Indian Astrology) - Introduction
  50 Hours
Ayurvedic Counseling & Behaviorial Modification - Specific Methods
of Counseling and how to work with client's physical,emotional, and
mental illnesses
  30 Hours
Spiritual Application of Essential Oils - Chakra anointment, Nadi's,
Samadhi, Astral Travel
  25 Hours
Practicum   68 Hours
TOTAL HOURS:     400 Hours
  60 Credits

Prerequisite -
An Associates Degree in Ayurveda or Ayurveda & Aromatherapy
Or application for approval of previous appropriate education.

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