Jyotish Master Degree

Format: Self-paced, facilitated, 12 months online or corrsepondence course

Fee: 900 $

Facilitated by: Marcus Schmieke, Venu Gopal das

Detailed Description

Presently the Jyotish Master Degree Program focuses on Vasati-Jyotish. We are convinced that Vasati without Jyotish doesnt work well and also Jyotish without Vasati is incomplete. Therefore the Jyotish Master Degree Program deals with the role of Jyotish within Vasati and the practical principles of Vasati-Jyotish. A very intersting topic in this course will be the appication of planetary Yantras in Vasati. The course shows that one can read the house of a person like a chart and also see Vasati problems from the chart. Vasati remedies also help to improve the chart.

Lesson 1 The qualities of the eight directions The assignation of the elements to the directions and the space of house The impart of the sun on the quality of space Time, space and architecture The Vasati Purusha Mandala as the matrix of construction

Lesson 2 Planetary influences on the house Sun and moon windows The building site Valuation of roads and accesses The house environment The division of the plot The main entrance

Lesson 3 The interior of the house and its rooms The assignation of the elements to the Practical applications

Lesson 4 The dynamic of energies on house and plot The influence of the directions on the individual (astrological synchronisation) Defects in the directions of the house and their correction according to Vasati

Lesson 5 Yantras for correcting Vasati defects Classification of houses according to their orientation

Lesson 6 The 108 steps program of Vasati for improving the housing Classification of Vasati defects Coherence of defects and effects Vasati consulting in practice

Lesson 7: Karmic Means of Correction The five Vedic „Magic Means" Strenghtening Functionally Positive Planets Transforming Functionally Negative Planets Colors, Gems, Kavacas, Actively Lived Compassion, Mantras

Lesson 8: The Connection between Vasati  and Jyotish Determining the Personal Interactions among the Inhabitants Muhurta: Identifying a Suitable Time The Karmic Connection between the House and its Inhabitants Determining Suitable Means for Correction in Vasati Vasati and Astrology – Consultations go Hand in Hand

Lesson 9 : Correction by means of Yantras Mandalas and Yantras The 10 Spiritual Planet Yantras and their Use in Vasati The Use of the Vasati Yantras in Practice Cleansing Ceremonies along with Yantras Kinesiological Test for the Examination of a Yantra Placement Vasati Dosha Nivarana Puja (with Additional Video) Just in Case – the Mantra for Protection (Shir Nrisimha Kavaca)

Writing Masters Thesis


Each lesson contains a set of written assignments. They will be individually corrected and sent back by your personal tutor. He is also at your disposal for all questions relating to the course. Thus, your individual care is guaranteed.

Finally, a written examination will offer you the possibility to acquire the  “Jyotish Master Degree”.

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