Marcus Schmieke, Dr. (Florida Vedic College) is President of the European Academy of Vedic Sciences and Dean of the Vasati and Jyotish Departments at the Florida Vedic College. He is Director of the Vedic Academy in Germany and President of the German Chapter of the International Institute of Predictive Astrology.
Marcus Schmieke was born 1966 in Oldenburg, Germany, and studied Physics in Hannover and Heidelberg. He is one of the world's pioneers in Vasati and founder of the Vedic Academy in Germany. Since 1996 then he has been giving seminars and working as mentor for students of Vasati (Vedic Architecture) and Vedic Astrology. Being a prolific author  of more than 20 books including four text books on Vedic Astrology translated in 16 languages he is well known also beyond the borders of Europe.


Jelena Neumann studied Astrology at the Vedic Academy in Germany from Marcus Schmieke and works as a professional vedic astrologer. She especially learned and specialized the Vedic partnership astrology. She assisted in the development of the Prashna astrological software for the Vedic Academy by writing the texts for horoscope interpretation. She gives classes in Astrology, works as astrological advisor and writes Articles about astrology. At the Florida Vedic College as co-tutor she is supporting Marcus Schmieke in taking care of the Jyotish students.



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