The System's approach to Vedic Astrology developed by Prof. V.K. Choudhry is the basis of the Jyotish Degree Program of the Florida Vedic College. It is a simple, yet very precise system for interpretation of horoscopes and divisional charts. While using only 20% of astrological analysis methods and techniques, it quickly and effectivly reveals 80-90% of information contained in the horoscope. Marcus Schmieke has developed this course on Vedic Astrology based on System's Approach, which you can study either online or as a correscondence course.

We have developed Prashna 2012, a professional software for Vedic Astrology, which is designed to help the students to understand the principles of Vedic Astrology and to help the professional astrologer to do astrological consultations, horoscope interpretations, search for good muhurtas, transits etc. As a student of our Jyotish Degree Program you get the basic level of this software along for free.

The Florida Vedic College is pursuing a renaissance of all the Vedic arts and sciences in the traditional Vedic manner. We begin with Jyotisha Vedanga, the Vedic science of Astrology. As students graduate up through the different levels we will introduce new courses that illuminate this science from different angles. The aim is that on completion the student will attain the degree of Jyotisha Vidvan (equivalent of Bachelors). We also have post-graduate programs offering higher degrees, that is, Jyotisha Siromani (Masters) and Jyotisha Saraswati (Doctorate). Vedic Astrology is a demanding subject and is considered the most difficult of all sciences. No former knowledge of the science is presumed, but it is expected that the student be attracted to spiritual life, is intelligent, serious, and motivated.

  • Degree programs in Vedic Astrology (Bachelors -- Jyotisha Vidvan, Masters -- Jyotisha Siromani, Doctorate -- Jyotisha Sarasvati) are designed for serious students of divination and Vedic culture. It is geared toward:
  • Vedic Brahmanas (Vedic priests) seeking to round out their knowledge in Vedic culture and science.
  • Persons seeking a career as Vedic astrologers.
  • Scholars and philosophers of divination.
  • Persons currently studying or practicing Vedic astrology who want to get formal, rigorous, academic, training in this discipline to get greater knowledge and expertise in the subject and earn the appropriate credentials and recognition that come with it.
  • Persons currently studying or practicing Western astrology who want to switch over to serious Vedic astrology.
    Practitioners of other types of divination such as: Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Palmistry, etc., who are interested in the ancient Vedic science of Jyotisha, and who wish to add this modality to their practice.
  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Ayurvedic physicians, physicians in other traditions (Homeopathic, Oriental, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, etc.); who are interested in the ancient Vedic science of Jyotisha, and who wish to add this modality to their practice.

Course Format:
All the courses are designed for independent, home study, distance learning via correspondence or our e-learning platform as online courses. The correspondence may be via the regular Postal Service or online via Internet, which ever the student prefers. We recommend the online format if possible. Each course is comprised of several assignments, which must be completed and graded, plus a final exam. Each course is designed to be completed in twelve months with a four-month grace period for a total of 16 months.

Class Dates: independent, distance learning via correspondence courses leading to a Jyotisha Vidvan degree (Bachelor of Vedic Astrology) or Jyotisha Siromani degree (Master of Vedic Astrology) are offered continuously.

Accreditation for our Vedic Astrology Programs -
Florida Vedic College is authorized to operate as a College by the State of Florida. Florida Vedic College is a fully accredited member of the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA). Florida Vedic College is the first college to offer Undergraduate,graduate and postgraduate degrees in Vedic astrology in the USA.

Some features and advantages of the Jyotisha Vidvan degree program offered by Florida Vedic College:

With the Florida Vedic College Jyotisha Vidvan degree program you get an actual Bachelors degree which is recognized by the government and other universities, what to speak of various accrediting bodies. With the others you get......?
Pure Vedic astrology not mixed with Western astrology.
Our instructors are fully trained Vedic Brahmanas (Vedic priests) and Vedic astrologers who have studied with master Vedic astrologers for many years.
The Florida Vedic College Jyotisha Vidvan degree program in Vedic astrology is a rigorous, intellectually challenging, and complete program of study at a university level.
The Florida Vedic College astrology program is presented in a holistic manner totally integrated in the Vedic worldview. Vedic astrology cannot be isolated from its cultural matrix if it is to be properly understood. Ours stresses the spiritual values of Vedic tradition and worldview. Others are taught in an isolated, cultural and spiritual, vacuum which stunts true understanding of the Vedic astrological tradition.

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