This self -directed program allows students to design and complete unique courses of study. Students can pursue a special interest or customize college courses to meet their specific goals.

Associate of Specialized Studies:

The Associate of Specialized Studies allows you to design your own program of Study to meet particular goals through the Specialized Studies Program. It is a useful degree for those with a specialization that are not interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree. While it is possible to coordinate an SS degree with a bachelor's degree, we generally do not recommend that the Associate in SS if your final goal is the bachelor's degree.

The Bachelor of Specialized Studies (BSS) degree affords undergraduate students at Florida Vedic College the opportunity to design an area of concentration which stands as the equivalent to an established major. The program permits you to combine available courses to create a unique field of study.

Possibilities: The BSS degree is particularly well -suited to our distance students, as it allows greater freedom in combining courses earned in transfer with FVC courses. The area of concentration needs to include courses from Florida Vedic College, but it can also include, and our students regularly use, courses earned in transfer. Some sample areas might include:

Humanities - including courses in English, humanities, philosophy, history, languages,
and religion

Sanskrit Literature-including courses in Vedic Philosophy and Religion, Literature, and
Sanskrit language.

Comprehensive Business - including courses in Management, Vedic Business,
Economics, Psychology, Communications

These are just some of the possibilities for the BSS. What you area of concentration will be depends on your past education, access to courses other than those offered by Florida Vedic College, and your ability to earn credit for your experiences. The more flexibility you have, the easier it will be for you to design your own degree.

BSS rule: The BSS cannot duplicate an established Major program at Florida Vedic College in either area of concentration title or course selection. For example, FVC offers a major in a "Vedic Business Management", so a BSS student cannot call their area of concentration "Business Management" nor can you follow the business curriculum and simply add a different title. However, it is possible to create a degree in a similar area like "Behavioral Sciences" using courses from psychology, sociology, and other areas.

Limitations: Through our distance program, the BSS is not well suited as a scientific, technical, or professional education degree. Areas like education and accounting have a variety of state licensing or professional certification requirements that cannot be met through our program. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our office and speak with an advisor.

Fees: Fees for the program fall into three categories: application fee, matriculation fee, and course fees. Our fees are the same for all students, we do not charge different fees for out of State students.

Application Fee: $100.00 (one time)

Pays for the processing your application, evaluating transcripts, and your first
Year in the program.

Matriculation fee: $75.00 (yearly)

The matriculation fee is charged on a yearly basis beginning on the anniversary of
your admission to the program. The matriculation fee keeps your file current and
helps to cover the cost of our toll-free number and other basic office costs.

A billing reminder is sent out before your admission anniversary. If you do not
Pay your matriculation fee, then your records are moved to our "inactive " files for
Two years. If your are considered "inactive", then you do not have access to
Advising or course choice approvals. If you have not paid your matriculation fee
Within two-years, your file is destroyed. Any course work that you have completed
with Florida Vedic College does remain on permanent file with Florida Vedic
College .

Courses Costs: Vary

Correspondence Course: $125 per semester hour

Course Credit by Exam: $50 per Semester hour

Specialized Study Project: $133 per Semester hour

More detail about course fees is included with the course information.

You should also budget $75.00 per course for textbooks and materials. Some courses may be more, some less.



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