Ayurveda Main Course

The main course teaches you to recognize disturbances of the bioenergies and resulting diseases, and to recommend treatments according to Ayurvedic medicine. This includes healing herbs, oil cures or massages, the Pancha Karma therapy, and methods for mental and spiritual strengthening and harmonization.

After successfully completing the study course you will obtain the Bachelor Degree of the Florida Vedic College that attests your abilities and knowledge acquired.

Format: Self-paced, facilitated, online or corrsepondence course

Fee: 1600$

Facilitated by: Reinhard Schacker

Detailed Description

While the basic study is dealing with the essential knowledge of Ayurveda, the lessons of the main study introduce in Ayurvedic diagnosis and therapy.

Lesson 1: Anamnesis and Ayurvedic Diagnosis (Pariksha)

The following topics are presented:

  • Comprehensive theory of the development of diseases
  • Anamnesis: questioning the patient about personal data, social background and symptoms of disease
  • examination and diagnosis of the patient (Pariksha), like diagnosis of pulse, eyes, tongue, skin, excrement, etc.
  • pain as diagnostic means
  • the straining effect of digestion slag (Ama) and pollution of the Doshas with Ama

Lesson 2: Treatment with Herbs and their Administration

This lesson describes important Ayurvedic herbs, under consideration of native herbs.

  • different application methods (ointments, pills, oils, etc.)
  • kitchen medicine: spices as healing herbs
  • classification of herbs according to organs and functions

Lesson 3: Pancha Karma — Part 1

Pancha Karma is the therapy for decontaminating and regenerating the body. The first part teaches the preparations and draining measures:

  • indications for the Pancha Karma therapy
  • Purva Karma, preparing treatment, which includes the following aspects:, strengthening the digestion (Ama Pachana), and oil treatment (Snehana Karma), divided into internal treatment (Snehapana) and external treatment (Abhyanga), completed with the explanation of different massage techniques
  • Svedana-Karma, sweating cure for decontaminating the skin
  • Pancha Karma, draining methods: vomiting (Vamana), purgation (Virecana), enema (Vasti), treatment through the nose (Nasya), and phlebotomy (Rakta Moksha)

Lesson 4: Pancha Karma — Part 2

This second part deals with the nurturing and rejuvenating applications:

  • Brimhana, reconstructing and nurturing treatments, like oil affusions and massage with rice bags
  • Rasayana, strengthening and rejuvenating treatments, like proper food, herbs, minerals, Yoga Asanas etc.
  • Vijikarana, strengthening of procreation
  • Concluding, a cure and health program for home application and treatment tips for ordinary diseases, applicable by anyone in daily life, are described.

Lesson 5: Body Channels (Shrotas) and Vital Points (Marmas)

This lesson is divided in two parts:

Part A: The Body Channels (Shrotas)

  • description of the different kinds of Shrotas: supplying channels, excavating channels and tissue nourishing channels
  • diseases of the Shrotas

Part B: The Teaching of the Marma Points

  • general overview over the science of Marmas
  • detailed description of the different Marma points
  • allocation of the Marma points to the bioenergies, body channels and energy centers
  • Marma therapy: treating the body through the Marma points

Lesson 6: Mental Health and Spiritual Development

This lesson is divided in two parts:

Part A: Accompanying and Prophylactic Therapies

  • music therapy
  • Mantra therapy
  • breath and Yoga therapy
  • counseling therapy

Part B: Mental Health and Spiritual Development

  • the power of faith and silence
  • Sadhana, spiritual development: a life in union through devotion, prayer, divine service and meditation
  • The effects of Sadhana on body, mind and soul
  • practical instructions

This main part of the correspondence course is not addressing specifically physicians or healers. Rather, the lessons are composed in such a way as to be understood and applied by anyone. Thus, no medical precognition is required. It will also be indicated which therapies have to be performed by a learned physician, although the knowledge about them may be interesting for all students.


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