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Please refer to FVC current semester's "Schedule of Classes" for courses being offered any particular Semester.

IMPORTANT: Please also see Online Payment Information and Refund Policy for pertinent information concerning online courses offered by FVC.


Financial Information:

FEE SCHEDULE: For Correspondence Courses

Application $60.00 non - refundable
Graduation $50.00
Transcript $20.00
Online Lab fee $55.00 per credit hour


Florida Vedic College students pay $55 per credit hour for correspondence classes taken from "FVC" example: 3 credits = 3 x $55 = $165. Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) courses run $300 per class. The Ayurveda Degree programs are only available by pre-payment of tuition for the complete degree program, please see Ayurveda department for details.


Most of our course materials are shipped by email. In the event we have to send the material via Air Shipment the student must bear the shipping costs. Overseas students are reminded that course materials are shipped by air. The cost for air shipment is billed to the student. Students should also be aware that it is not possible to register or insure shipments to some countries.Students must pay for relevant texts and study materials as these are not included in the tuition cost. A course description with a statement of the costs of texts and study materials is available upon request. The Specialized study Degree has a $75 a year maintenance charge over and above the tuition costs.


Each application must be accompanied by the non-refundable $60 application fee. Applications received without the fee will not be considered.

Correspondence Programs

The total tuition expense for the Degree programs listed below. For '01 - '02

Bhaktisastri Degree, by Test
  $ 100 Test Fee *
Bhaktivaibhava Degree by Test   $ 150 Test Fee *
Bhaktivedanta Degree by Test   $ 200 Test Fee *
Bhaktisarvabauma Degree by Test   $ 250 Test Fee *
Associates Degree in Vedic Arts   $ 3,500
Associates Degree in Specialized Studies   $ 3,500
Bachelor’s Degree in Specialized Studies   $ 6,600
Bachelor’s of Vaishnava Philosophy& Religion   $ 6,600
Bachelor's of Vedic Education   $ 6,600
Masters of Vedic Philosophy& Religion   $ 3,250
Masters of Vedic Education   $ 3,600
Doctor of Divinity in Vaishnavism   $ 7,000
Doctorate Degree in Hindovedic Psych; Hindo VedicHistory; Hindovedic Philos & Literature;   $ 7,000

* Note: The tuition fee on these degree programs must be paid in full prior to taking the Degree Examination.


Foreign Students:
Due to increased handling expense, all Correspondence students residing outside the United States should add $100 to the appropriate tuition and fees.Upon completion of the degree program, any outstanding balance is due and payable immediately, No certificates and/or transcripts can be sent until full financial responsibility to the College has been satisfied. If for any reason the student defaults on his/her financial responsibility to the University, and after a 30 day notice in writing has been given, the Executive Council of the College may suspend the student until such time as the student wishes to re-enroll into the program. Should this occur, the outstanding balance at the time of the suspension is due and payable in full before such re-enrollment can be granted.

Online Courses Tuition information:

For Tuition for Florida Vedic College's online education see our Online Distance Learning Web Page for each undergraduate and graduate courses. Fees, other than tuition, that may or will apply to online courses are as follows:


Application fee (see Admissions)   $ 60.00
Registration fee   $ 25.00
Electronic Lab fee (per course)   $ 35.00
Withdrawal fee (all courses)   $ 75.00
Experiential Learning Portfolio Evaluation Fee   $ 140.00
Transcripts Fee   $ 20.00
Graduation Fee   $ 50.00




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