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Florida Vedic College Is as outstanding Private School, whose quality and dedication to Private Education deserve Recognition, Support, and Utilization. We am pleased to welcome Florida Vedic College as an Affiliate of the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance, a National Accrediting Organization for Voluntary Accreditation of Independent Private Schools.

There are approximately 130,000 Private Schools (PK-12) located across America, who employ approximately 1,700,000 Administrators, Teachers & Stalt Current Enrollment In Private Schools is estimated to be approximately 13,600,000 Students who along with their estimated 23 Million Parents, share a renewed enthusiasm for Private Education, the long-standing tradition in the U. S, and other civilized societies.

George Washington, Queen Elisabeth H, Thomas Edison and Theodore Roosevelt an all outstanding examples of Private School Students. Private School Students on average have better attendance. records, fewer discipline problems and "test-out" higher than most Students attending the "new kid on the block", the public school systems, at large, when using recognized & standardized testing and assessment methods.
Private Schools generally operate without the benefit of public tax dollars, have no huge bureaucracy, complex infrastructure and school bussing system to support. Yet, Independent Private Schools continue to survive economically and focus on quality education, all-the-while serving solely at the pleasure of the discerning public.



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