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Our aim and object is to present the ancient wisdom of the Vedas (the world's oldest philosophical texts) in it's pure and original form for the benefit of all mankind without regard to gender, race, creed, nationality or any other temporary material distinction. Pure Bhakti Yoga is the eternal science of the soul, and the process of realizing our true nature and our eternal position, as part and parcel of the Original Creator known in all the Vedic literature as Sri Krishna. By the process of Bhakti Yoga we can attain true and eternal happiness in our true home, Sri Goloka Vrindaban.    The official website of BHAKTI and the International Gaudiya Vedanta Society.    Gaudiya Vaishnava Books, tapes, CD’s etc.

Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta
             for Vaishnava History and Philosophy.

Internet Gaudiya Vedanta Portal

The IGVP opens a door to the world of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in the Internet.

Rays of the Harmonist

Rays of the Harmonist is a bi-annual journal of Sri Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti,
meant to preserve the genuine current of conceptions of the
rupanuga-disciplic succession, and to promote a cooperative effort to preach
the message of Sri Rupa Raghunatha

The Black Peacock

A great Vaishnava Art site, site also includes articles and essays on Vedic
wisdom and Gaudiya Philosophy as it applies to today's world.

The Bhaktivedanta Memorial Library

Dedicated to all Bhaktivedantas of our guru-parampara. A compilation of
articles, listed by author, illuminating gaudiya siddhanta.

Vaishnava News Network

Vaishnava News Network (VNN) provides the Vaishnava community with news,
events, interviews, editorials and in depth coverage of issues. Here you'll
find any event worth a mention in the contemporary world of Gaudiya

The Realm of Gaudiya Vaishnavism

A colourful transcendental site for entering into the realm of Gaudiya
Vaishnavism. Here you'll discover just about anything from a Vaishnava
calendar to a picture gallery and to an "etc. extra" page.

The Hare Krishna Home page

Books, Krsna Art, Centers. A compendium of information on the Hare Krsna's


Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) related links:

AstroJava is a site for an open source code project for astrology/vedic astrology.

Baby names great resource for aiding an astrologer or parent in choosing a name after you decide what it should start with.

Here is a similar one for Tamil Baby Names.

Dimension 4 (Time Lords) this program can be used to update your computer clock time via an atomic clock, you can then use it for setting your watch. Accurate time is essential for Jyotish.

Astrological Data Bank Contains over 20,000 verified birth data of celebreties. A must for any serious astrologer.

Mysteries of The Sacred Universe: The Cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana

Sky & Telescope

Star Date

Time Service Department U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC

Down load the Vaisnava Calendar

Yahoo's Astronomy Links

Shyamsundara Dasa -Vedic Astrologer - an old friend and original developer of FVC's Vedic Astrology Department.


Ayurveda Links: is one of the most complete guides to
information about Natural Health and Alternative Medicine on the Internet.
It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles, free Newsletter
and descriptions of many of the most important Natural Health and
Alternative Medicine Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

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