Yantras in the House (by Marcus Schmieke)

The influences taken into account by Vasati are of a very subtle nature, but its effects may have a strong influence on the life of the inhabitants of the house. Space, the most subtle of all elements, is called ether in the Vedic teaching of the elements. According to the Vedas and as confirmed by modern physics, space is a very complex energetic structure filled with inner patterns and relations.

The external space in which we live is closely connected to the inner space of our consciousness. Constantly we project our consciousness into the space surrounding us and in the other way around external space influences our mind with a lasting effect. The energies of space can be directed by geometric symbols placed at certain parts of the room. Such graphic tools are called yantras in Sanskrit. On the one hand, one can expand one’s consciousness by using them as objects for meditation, on the other hand they always also have an energetic component. To make best use of this component it is necessary to place them at a suitable location from where they can best form the energies of a room. Each room has certain key points, just like every living being has chakras and acupuncture points which are very useful to effectively influence its energies. These key points can be determined by a specialist. But the yantras still have an effect, even if these points cannot be established exactly.

In general, yantras consist of a multitude of geometric elements and symbol representing different energies. They can also be combined with written words or mantras.

There is a variety of different ways to apply yantras: You may put them up on the wall of a room as a piece of art. Then they have an effect on the whole room, influencing the energies of the room in relation to its usage and its inhabitants. For instance, if the bedroom of the parents is located in the northwest and has a window with a view on a river or lake, we can assume that the Venus connected to the happiness of the family, especially of the wife, will be weakened by the moon, the ruler of the northwest and of water. In this case it is advisable to balance the disturbing influence of the moon by a suitable yantra.

However, yantras may also be applied in order to influence energies that enter the house through windows and doors. The individual windows of the house are assigned to different planetary aspects and therefore let specific energies flow into the rooms inside them. In addition, things that are outside the windows influence the energies of the rooms behind them. In such a case it is recommended to draw or copy the yantra selected for neutralising or supporting energies on a transparency and glue it on the window.

The following list shows which yantras support the individual room functions or aspects of living:

Living room Venus yantra
Bedroom Venus yantra
Safe Mercury and Jupiter yantra
Office and office rooms Mercury yantra
Kitchen Mars and Venus yantra
Dining room Saturn yantra
Pantry Saturn yantra
Bathroom Moon yantra
Entrance hall Mercury yantra

You must make sure, however, that you take into account the position of the rooms and their inhabitants. For instance, if the kitchen is in the south (governed by Mars) no strengthening of Mars is necessary, but would be excessive. It is important to take into account all influences and to arrive at an optimal balance of energies.

Another possibility of yantras consists in placing them at important positions on the floor or on the ceiling. Often it is the central point of the room from which the yantra can best unfold its effects.

To enhance certain bodily functions or to balance the subtle energies of the body yantras may also be fixed under the bed so that they can directly exert their effect on the body. Even to individual organs and to specific diseases yantras can be assigned.

Working directly with the Vasatipurusha Mandala is another very effective possibility. This yantra symbolises the perfect living space whose energies are in harmony and totally balanced. The head of the Vasatipurusha is directed towards the northeast. It is best to use this yantra to affix it to the certain points of the plan of a house. It might be as big as the complete house in order to harmonise the energies in general.

However, it is also possible to apply a small form at energetically difficult points. In this case, it would make sense to transfer the mandala onto a transparency, the effect of which can even be intensified if it is copied and drawn in colour.



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