Can Vasati Defetcts Cause diseases (by Marcus Schmieke)

In long years of investigation, the Indian scientist A.R. Hari has examined the regularities of the bio-energetic field of a plot and of a building and has shown that it interacts with the bio-energetic field of the body. Therefore, it is legitimate to look for the connection between Vasati defects and the manifestation of specific diseases.

The causes of many diseases are cannot be clearly scientifically described. Cancer is such a disease, the causes of which are very much connected with the mental or psychological state of the patient. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that the bio-energy of the living area called vasati can influence the manifestation or healing process of cancer.

Hari found out that especially the state of the northeast of the plot and house is closely connected to the manifestation of cancer. The northeast represents the mind and the psychological constitutions of the vasati bio-field. If there is a defect in the northeast, the mental monitoring of the bio-field is interrupted so that the energies of the field may lose control and act in such a chaotic way. In the northeast there is the head of the Vasatipurusha and therefore all control and monitoring of the whole field is done from there.

Cancer is a disease in which the multiplication of cells gets out of control, as the intelligent communication between the cells has been interrupted. Similarly, a Vasati defect in the northeast may cause such chaos in the bio-energetic field of the living area that it may be transferred to the inhabitants if they have such a disposition.

The resonance through which the disease is able to manifest itself in the organism of an inhabitant is caused by the presence of yet another Vasati defect in another sector of the living area. Which organ will be affected by the uncontrolled growth of the cells depends on which sector the second serious defect affects.

For cancer to manifest itself in a certain organ there must be at least two serious Vasati defects in two sectors also affecting the northeast. It is only then that the influences exerted on the cells my prompt them to lose their equilibrium.

The following list is based on the examination of numerous cases of cancer done by A.R. Hari and it assigns certain Vasati defects to a certain kind of cancer which may manifest due to the defect.

Correspondences between Vasati defects and cancer:

The northeast is rounded off, the northwest is closed Cancer in the area of the breast; the lungs of other organs in this region may be affected
The northeast of the house forms an acute angle, in the west of the plot there is a hollow Development of cancer in the area of the head and throat
The northeast, the east, and the northwest are higher; the southwest, the south and the west are lower: Brain tumor
Defect in the northeast, defect in the southeast: Breast cancer
Defect in the northeast, defect in the south or west Cancer of the uterus
Defect in the northeast, defect in the west of the southwest Kidney cancer
Defect in the northeast, defects in several sectors around it Leukemia
Defect in the northeast, defect in the west Stomach cancer

Here Hari underlines that the corresponding defects must be very grave to lead to the manifestation of a disease. If you find one of these constellations in your house, you should try to correct it yourself.

It is advisable to consult an experienced Vasati consultant who should find out which of the defects are indeed so serious that they might threaten the health of the inhabitants. If the defects are not so grave, they will not influence a healthy person. However, if they are very serious, an expert Vasati consultant will be able to tell you what means you should apply to eliminate the problem.


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