VS - Vedic Science

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101 Vedic Cosmology - Three Credits
The vedic development of origins and an application of these models to current studies in scientific disciplines of today.

VS102 Vedic Astronomy - Four Credits
A study of the "Surya-Siddhanta" and other basic texts of Vedic astronomy with a survey of Vedic Cosmography, and a comparative look at modern theories of the universe, the "Big Bang" etc.

VS103 Physics - Four Credits
The basic principles of physics, especially as they relate to teleological considerations and the existence of God, Topics include: God and the laws of physics, Newton and Deism, free will etc.; consciousness vs. the laws of physics, quantum mechanics, the "Tao of physics", Bohm, Wigner, etc. This is a "physics for poets" course meant for non- science majors.

VS104 Physics for science major - Four Credits
The same general topics as VS103, but for science majors.

105 Science and the Paranormal - Four Credits
Epistemological issues; parapsychology; out of body evidence; reincarnation evidence; skeptics and debunkers, i.e. the sociology of science.

VS106 Biology (A) - Four Credits
A survey course on evolution and the origin of life. Topics include: genes, DNA, primordial soup, requirements for living cells, the origin of species and the fossil record.

VS107 Biology (B) - Four Credits
This course focuses on the brain and consciousness, i.e. the mind-body problem, Artificial intelligence and neural nets, cognitive science, Arura.

VS108 Anthropology - Three Credits
A focus on human evolution, with special attention to the works of Richard Thompson.

VS109 Anthropology - Three Credits
Vedic themes in world cultural traditions, and the apparent universality of human legends and mysticism.



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