VE - Vedic Education

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VE101 Intro to Vedic Education - Three Credits
a study of what vaishnava education is and its philosophical and historical backgrounds.

VE102 Vedic Educational Psychology - Three Credits
A study of the various psychological factors which are involved in the learning process.

VE103 Vedic Education of Children - Three Credits
A study of the total temple program and its relation to the child with examples of past successes and failures in the educational process.

VE104 Instructional Media - Three Credits
a exploration of the varieties of communication, forms and methods available for use in the vaishnava teaching program.

VE105 Vedic education of Youth - Three Credits
(Internship) A consideration of the principles, methods and materials in youth work which develop effective vaishnava leadership in the educational field. A program of Gita study, preaching, recreation and stewardship designed to win and hold the adolescent group is given.

VE106 Introduction to Vedic Day school - Three Credits
(Internship) A presentation of the theory and practical working of vaishnava day schools. The course is designed to prepare students to assist in establishing maintaining and operating a Vaishnava day school.

VE107 Vedic Adult Education - Three Credits
The challenge of educating adults in Vaishnavism is presented.

VE108 Marriage and Family Educational * - Three Credits
Counseling in Vedic Culture

VE109 - 115Topical studies in Vedic Education - Three Credits

* Consent of Instructor needed for admission to course



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