VC - Vedic Ministry and Counseling

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VC100 Introduction to Counseling - Three Credits
A concentrated study in the philosophy and techniques of counseling, designed to prepare the student for practical competence in counseling.

VC101 Vedic Ministerial Leadership - Three Credits
A study of the life and service of the minister with emphasis on the personal, family, and professional life of the vaishnava minister.

VC102 Duties of the Vaishnava - Three Credits
A study of the qualifications and duties of the Vaishnava with emphasis on the duties of preaching, teaching, counseling and administration. Administering the ordinances of the temple as well as, funerals and weddings is covered.

VC103 Vedic Lecturing I - Three Credits
A study of the history, development and function of preaching with emphasis on structure, text selection, and delivery of lecture

VC104 Vedic Lecturing II - Three Credits
Prerequisite VC103 A continuation of Vedic Lecturing I with greater emphasis on lecture type selections, oral delivery and refinement of preaching.

VC105 Gita Counseling - Three Credits
A study designed to help the Vedic worker utilize this God spoken scripture in counseling of people.

VC106 Vedic Minister Counseling - Three Credits
A study designed to help the minister meet the counseling needs of the congregation.

VC107 Vedic Minister Counseling II - Three Credits
Prerequisite VC106 A continuation of the study of the principals and techniques of counseling.

VC108 Principals of Temple Administration - Three Credits
A study of the basic organization and structures necessary for an effective local temple administration. The responsibilities of the temple staff and the workings with the lay congregation will also be explored.

VC109 Temple properties and facilities - Three Credits
A survey of temple buildings, building programs, maintenance, purchasing insurance, and other matters pertaining to management.

VC110 - VC115 Topical Studies - Three Credits

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