SBM - Vedic Small Business Management

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SBM046 Introduction to Small Business Management -Three Credits
A practical course designed for prospective and present small business owners and managers. It includes the principles of organization, finance, location, personnel, marketing and accounting.

SBM0039 Understanding Financial Statements to Operate a Business -Three Credits
The course looks at the financial statements needed to manage and operate a small business. It includes resource development, cash flow management, and control functions as part of a broad decision-making context. It includes ethical aspects of accounting and financial reporting.

SBM044 Operating a Small Business - Three Credits
This course is designed for students who seek knowledge about the day-to-day operations of a small business. It will follow a "planning and operations approach" and will acquaint students with the fundamentals of effective small business operations and management.

SBM037 Venture Capital - Three Credits
The small firm in need of capital must pursue financial resources but each source, bank, venture capital team or other source varies in expectations, ownership and management requirements. The role of the business plan and other venture practices are covered to illustrate contact strategies.

SBM043 Analytical Decisions in Opening/Acquiring a Small Business - Three Credits
Be able to base decisions about opening a new business or acquiring an existing business on objective standards by analyzing the potential market.
Discuss methods and means of acquiring initial financing, identify location and layout considerations, and know how to market to your customers.

SBM067 Strategic Planning and Leadership - Three Credits
This course provides SBM majors the opportunity to integrate the areas of marketing, finance , accounting , economics and personnel into a managerial strategy driving managerial decision-making. A project is required outlining policy problems facing business organizations and how the various aspects of business disciplines are utilized in problem solving and policy development.


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