Graduate (Master’s Degree) Courses Vedic Arts Division:

NPM - Vedic Administration (Non Profit Management & E-Commerce)

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NPM Non Profit Management courses

NPM 401 - Temple Administration and Management Three Credits

NPM 402 - Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations Three Credits
Provides the opportunity to understand nonprofit management from an overview perspective. This course will examine ways to determine whether an organization is living out its mission, how to make the best use of scarce resources in service to that mission, whether programmatic objectives are stepping stones toward a well-crafted vision, and whether the organization's resources are aligned with mission and vision.

NPM 403 - The Nonprofit Board of Directors Three Credits
Will examine the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors as the governing unit of an organization. The role and function of individual board members will be examined in this larger context. Participants will interact with peers from a wide range of nonprofit organizations to discuss common misunderstandings about nonprofit boards and explore strategies for increasing board effectiveness

NPM 404 - Operations Management for Nonprofit Organizations Three Credits
Will introduce the fundamentals of effective operations management in the areas of program design and evaluation, managing staff and volunteers, team building and communication skills.

NPM 405 - Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations Three Credits
ill introduce the fundamentals of financial management for nonprofit organizations. The course will examine the use of financial statements as a management tool; the elements of an accounting system and how they are used in a nonprofit organization; the basic methods of internal controls and preparation for an external audit; the budget cycle and filing tax statements.

NPM 406 - Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations Three Credits
Will examine the interaction between marketing, selling and fundraising through the collaborative critique of two case studies. The course will examine the basic elements of the marketing process for nonprofit organizations; compare and contrast the role and function of sales and marketing; and examine the key elements of a marketing plan.

NPM 407 - Fundraising Management for Nonprofit Organizations Three Credits
Will examine how fundraising fits into nonprofit management. The course will enable you to identify staff and volunteer roles and responsibilities, assess an organization's strengths and weaknesses, assess long-range fundraising planning strategies, and develop ways to monitor progress that will guide a nonprofit organization toward creating a sustainable effort.

NPM 408 - Leadership in Management Three Credits
Applies organizational behavior theories, concepts and skills to leading and motivating individuals and groups.

NPM 409 - Management Information Systems Three Credits
Conceptual and practical foundations of information systems support of management and decision making functions, computer systems project management, economic and legal considerations of management information systems, and system implementation/evaluation

NPM 410 - Ethics for Nonprofit Organizations Three Credits

NPM 411 - Using the Internet for Non Profit Organizations Three Credits


VEC Courses

EB 502 - Foundations in the Digital Economy Three Credits
Principles of e business overview including origin, growth, uniqueness of e-business compared to traditional commerce and management. Electronic money, contracts catalog, accounting, auditing and taxation issues. Social issues, global nature of internet business, case studies of best & worst practices, and strategic business models.

EB 503 - Marketing and the Internet Three Credits
Managerial characteristics, skills and marketing infrastructure for successful operation in a market operation in a market driven , Internet enhanced global environment. Students develop an Internet marketing plan.

EB 504 - EB 505 - Management of Electronic Business I &II Three Credits
Each Two integrated courses address creation of an organization's comprehensive e-business strategy: vision, business framework, technical framework, and implementation roadmap. Case studies of successful business transformations address management practices for a successful e-business initiative emerging business models from Business to business and business to consumer, value chain analysis, mapping business requirements to a technical strategy, back office systems and integration, the relationships among people, processes. And technology in organizations, start up issues and venture capital acquisition. Includes Web site development in conjunction with Establishing a Web presence Class.

EB 506 - Legal and Ethical Internet issues Three Credits
Overview of computer, high technology and intellectual property law, and ethical constructs, which underlie Internet issues. Topics include patient, copyright, trade secret, contractual arrangements, technology licensing, etc. Ethical principles and the application of these principles to current business issues are addressed by case study.

EB 507 - Operational Excellence in the Internet Environment Three Credits
Research the changing role that technology has in shaping the Internet, bringing businesses. Governments, service providers and religious institutions to develop new practices, services, and support strategies in this dynamic, growing economy.

EB 509 - Accessing Applications over the Internet Three Credits
Research changing leadership in network based services (e-mail, fax and video conferencing), hosted services including Enterprise Resource Planning, customer requirement management, Human Resources, and Supply chain management. Analyze successful hosting services, IT applications and services. Apply business principles to determine internal development, purchase or outsourcing of services.

EB510 - Fundamentals of Internet Architecture Three Credits Overview of technologies central to electronic business including communications, networking, the Internet, programming languages, security, databases and archiving, web authoring tools, multimedia, search engines, data mining and security issues.

EB 511 - Establishing a Web Presence Three Credits Examines the technology of the Internet, the largest and most highly distributed information system ever created. Web site development issues including messaging strategies, development tools, design,etc. Students build a web site.

EB 512 - Directed Research in Electronic Commerce Three Credits
This course integrates the Internet Electronic Commerce Master degree program. Students work as a team to construct a real world business or Non Profit site, using e-business and applying e-business elements including principles of client /consultant relations.

Work-experience program which provides e-business students with full-time internships in their major. On-campus seminars focus on integrating the skills learned throughout the program with the work experience. Prerequisite:EB512 and prior approval of the Dean.



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