BM - Vedic Administration

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BM101 Introduction to Business - Three Credits
An introductory survey course of the business world, with consideration oft the structure and forms of the business world, management that guide business and how those are performed.

BM102 International Business - Three Credits
This is an introductory course of the international business world. The course includes a comparative analysis of market conditions and business practices in the global economy. There is an emphasis on international economic factors and institutions. Sources of information concerning international business are covered, as are trends in international business conditions and practices.

BM103 Business Organization and Structure - Three Credits

BM104 Ethics in Business - Three Credits
Examination of ethical problems and conflicts encountered by managers attempting to fit their organizations to the larger social environment. Addresses ethics, codes of ethics, social responsibility of organizations in domestic and global environments.

BM107 Management and Decision Strategy - Three Credits
This course includes an investigation and discussion of management decision problems, personnel policy problems and responsibilities, and an examination of ethical situations in the areas of strategy and planning.

BM109 Supervision - Three Credits

BM110 The Role of Customer Service in Business

BM200 Entrepreneurship -- Three Credits
The life cycle of a start up company for the points of view of inventors, or investors includes issues of planning , dealing with legal and tax issues, financial opportunities at different stages and sources of technical assistance.

M201 Principles of Marketing - Three Credits
A study of basic marketing, especially product, price, promotion, and distribution problem solving. The legal technological, political and social environment within which marketing problems occur will be discussed.

BM202 Advertising & Promotion - Three Credits
Creative concepts and new and alternative media (including electronic or Web) and print advertising, radio or television, are examined as they influence communication strategies to create demand and sell products or services.

BM224 Principles of Accounting I - Three Credits
Accounting is the numbers language of business and finance. Without this language, management cannot make plans, set goals, and measure effectiveness. This course covers concepts and practices including the classification, recording and reporting of business transactions and economic data, how organizations raise, invest and account for capital, and key terms and rules governing accounts payable, receivable and accounting for earnings and investments

BM225 Business Law - Three Credits
There are basic laws and rules surrounding the formation and function of business and service organizations that operate in states, between states and globally. This course covers basic laws including the various legal forms of organizations, contracts, partnerships, property, transactions, and injuries, and the role of courts and regulatory agencies in setting business policy.

BM230 Business Communication - Three Credits
Arts and means of communicating in the business world. A close look at proper spoken language in the business world gives students an up on business negotiation and communicating with employees, banks and customers.

BM232 Financial Management- Three Credits
The issues of mature corporate organizations, including managerial theories, working capital, procurement of funds, and allocation to productive investments are covered in this course.

BM240 Principles of Management - Three Credits
This is a survey course of general managerial theories applicable to all types of enterprises. Decision-making, organizing, planning, leading, motivating, controlling, staffing, and directing are explored.

BM241 Consumer Behavior - Three Credits

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