Vedic Arts & Sciences - Bachelors Degree Areas of Concentration (Majors):

By Correspondence:

Associate Degree in Vedic Arts:

This degree requires the following:

English   6credits
Social Science   6credits
Science   6credits
Music or Art   6credits
Humanities   6credits
Math   6credits
Literature   3 credits
Vedic Philosophy   3 credits
Total Credits
  63 credits

**Requirements VP101 & VP107


Vaishnava Philosophy & Religion:             Bachelor Degree by Correspondence

Partially available Online as well.

The student will be able to:
1. Reflect a comprehensive understanding of the Vedic Scriptures and a Vaishnava World View.
2. Understand theological systems and the Vedic Siddhanta.
3. Develop proper exegetical and expository skills from scripture.
4. Teach the Vedic Scriptures in the temple, to the public at large and Vaishnava day school, or other settings.

Degree Requirements:

:General Education Requirements: 34 Credits

English 6 Credits, Sanskrit/Hindi 3 Credits , Soc. Science 6 Credits , Interdisciplinary Studies 6 Credits , History 6 Credits , Science 4 Credits, Music/Art 3 Credits

Required Vaishnava Philosophy Courses: 65 Credits
Bhagavad-gita; Srimad Bhagavatam Canto’s I –VI (36 Credits) Teachings of Lord Caitanya; Bhakti-rasamrta Sindu; Philosophy of Devotion; Religions of India; Readings in Vedic Literature; Mysticism and Religious Experience, Topical Studies in Vaishnavism

Electives: 21 Credits

Total Credits for Degree: 120


Vedic Education

The student will be able to:
1. Direct the educational program of the local temple.
2. Teach elementary skills in Vedic education institutions.
3. Instruct and counsel various age groups in Vedic education.
4. Train teachers to study, instruct and motivate with increasing efficiency.

This program is personally designed for each student upon consultation with FVC advisor.


Vaishnava Minister

The student will be able to:
1. Organize and administer effectively all departments of the local temple.
2. Manage his personal and family life in light of the challenges of the Vedic Ministry.
3. Prepare and deliver edifying and challenging Bhagavad-gita studies and expository vaishnava sermons.
4. Utilize counseling principals and techniques to meet the needs of the congregation.

The student will be required to be formally initiated into a recognized Vedic (Vaishnava) society prior to his graduation in this program.
Required subjects: General Education; Vaishnava Philosophy 60 credits; Vaishnava Rituals & Sadhana;
Speech, Vedic Administration.


Online Undergraduate Degree Programs include: See Distance Learning section on Web

Vedic Administration Area:          Bachelors Degree Program
          The student has several areas in which to major in this category:

Vedic E-Commerce
Vedic Small Business Management
Vedic Business Administration
Vedic Business Communications

The student will learn how to manage and effectively administrate in both an electronic environment and business environment.
No longer are the religious societies simple, one needs to understand and operate in a rule driven business environment, and with so much of our work being on the Internet, the administrator must have knowledge of the Internet commerce and world communications opportunities that have made themselves available in the last four years.



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