Florida Vedic College is a independent, comprehensive, international College and Vedic Institution of higher education. It is the oldest Vedic College in the USA. It is dedicated to providing high quality educational programs of distinction at times convenient to students, employing innovative delivery systems and courses that are structured to directly apply to the real-life challenges and problems that students encounter. Florida Vedic College combines the cultural intellectual legacies of the past with a pragmatic concern for meeting the challenges of the present and the future.

While the commitment to intellectual development is its first reason for existence the College offers a holistic education, actively pursuing the social, physical spiritual and moral development of its students by maintaining and developing programming in these areas. The College actively emphasizes the Vedic philosophy in living by actively encouraging members of the College to explore a personal understanding of their relationship to self, others and God. Students are challenged to develop knowledge values and skills to enrich their own lives and to prepare them for careers which will provide service to their global, civic and faith communities.

The College welcomes and respects those whose lives are formed by different traditions recognizing their important contributions to our pluralistic society and to an atmosphere of open discussion, which is essential to liberal education.




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